5 Reasons You Should Look into AltSignals’ New Token, ASI



AltSignals has built up a 52,000 strong online community of traders, thanks to the huge levels of trust that the project has earned. By providing top-of-the-line trading signals across daily crypto, Binance futures, Forex, CFD and shares, the platform continues to enable access to market-beating trades, with more innovative trading tools in the pipeline.

The market is reacting with excitement to the announcement that AltSignals is now launching its brand-new ASI token presale. As a novel utility token, it will enable access to next-generation features across its platform, including the innovative and new ActualizeAI product — making it a potentially incredible investment opportunity for savvy investors while also serving to cement AltSignals’ position as a leader in the trading signals space.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals offers a range of high-quality trading signals, having delivered over 3,700 signals to more than 52,000 users of the service to date. Traders can utilize the signals to acquire an edge over the competition, identifying opportunities early to capitalize on them and maximize their profits.

The next-generation feature that ASI gives access to is known as ActualizeAI, which leverages advanced natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis techniques to provide the next evolution of premium trading signals. This tool will constantly scan streams of market data in order to provide real-time signal capabilities, giving investors the vital insight they need to create effective trades. 

How does AltSignals work?

The project has formulated its algorithms through careful analysis of both technical and fundamental data, while being further supported through the use of machine learning and AI to inspect and find patterns in the market models. These models search for recognizable trading opportunities within the data, creating signals which are then distributed to the platform’s users, pending subscription access. 

In tandem with the ASI presale will come the launch of the ActualizeAI Club. This group is a key part of the ASI proposition and allows users access to early releases of new versions of the algorithm, giving an incredible edge over the competition.

The ASI crypto presale is a huge opportunity

Many factors are driving interest in the ASI presale, and in order to appreciate the full benefits of ASI as a new crypto investment, here are five of the most impactful.

The size of the existing AltSignals community: With an established community of over 52,000 users, AltSignals already has a community ready and waiting for the release. This is a massive advantage over other projects and should greatly increase the potential for the ASI token.

Tool success rate: The AltSignals team have delivered spectacular results during the backtesting process of existing tools already, with ETH and BTC trades seeing a 70-83% success rate. This is evidence that the next level of AI-driven insights through ActualizeAI is likely to be even stronger.

Utility of the ASI token: The ASI token will be used heavily across the AltSignals platform and play a critical role in the ability of users to access certain areas of the platform, including the ActualizeAI insights, based on their holdings. This will create extra upward pressure on the ASI price as the AltSignals user base continues to grow.

Users rate AltSignals exceptionally highly: The Trustpilot score of AltSignals is an astonishing 4.9/5, driven by over 500 ‘Excellent’ ratings. This is illustrative of the amazing user experience offered, and having such strong reviews will be a catalyst for continued user growth over time.

Other income opportunities: The ActualizeAI Club is open to holders of ASI tokens and provides yet another means for income generation with members rewarded for feedback contributions. Members will also be given early access to new releases of the AI-driven software, giving users the chance to leverage the cutting-edge tools.

Is the ASI presale a good investment opportunity?

Everyone can appreciate that the biggest returns are secured by investors who buy into high-potential crypto projects as early as possible, allowing them to benefit from a rapid upward journey to a high market cap. 

Experts across crypto are seeing the ASI presale as a once-in-a-generation opportunity for huge profits making it no surprise to see it already raising $105k in just 2 days. Many have remarked just how rare it is for a project to launch a new crypto presale with a product that has already delivered hugely successful results. Combined with the very low ASI prices in the four presale stages, the offering represents a rare opportunity for potentially huge returns. 

With more and more investors and existing AltSignals users lining up to buy into the new crypto presale as early as they possibly can, those who are successful can enjoy a thrilling 2023 and beyond. 

You can participate in the ASI presale here.


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