The Sky Is Your New Investment


Are you trying to decide whether to invest in real estate, commodities, or stocks? THINK FLIGHTS. That’s right.

While the trade revolution has reached all corners of the global economy, airline tickets are still far behind. That is why TKTZ is taking its seat at the site of the next revolution.

How have commercial flights become the most promising – and intriguing – future investment?

Think about it for a minute. These days you can set an appointment with your doctor, trade used and new items, buy a car directly from the distributor or through a dealer, book a holiday – and all can be easily done online.

Despite all this, the airline tickets market, with an annual turnover in the billions, is left behind. It is left behind in the sense that your airline ticket isn’t yours to trade.Your name is printed on the ticket, and you alone can exercise the right to use it.

You have no way of selling it, and only in highly restricted, specific cases, may you modify the date of your travel. That is, provided that you are willing to pay the penalty. You must agree, there’s something about this situation that doesn’t make sense.

So how do you turn a static, non-tradable airline ticket into a free currency that can exchange hands? Even more so, how can you invest in airline tickets with no legal platform to allow you to do so?

The answers are found at TKTZ which is about to set in motion the next consumer revolution. 

NFT technology lets us trade all kinds of assets – even virtual assets. TKTZ connects blockchain technology with the world of airline tickets, effectively selling airline tickets that are NFTs.

These tickets provide certainty and confidence in the buying and selling process.

When blockchain technology is applied to a real-life product (IRL), this product obtains the characteristics of an NFT – a Non-Fungible Token – making it possible to classify it as an exclusive asset.

In simple terms, it gives its holder full ownership, and to the buyer – complete certainty.

This technology will allow every ticket to become transferable from one person to another. What’s more, TKTZ will allow every ticket owner to sell it without restriction, and even set its price.

Yet like every real tradable product, there has to be a market. That’s why TKTZ will soon launch a platform to address this exact need – the world’s one and only trading platform for airline tickets that allows transferring tickets directly between buyers and sellers, with no intermediaries.

This revolution will change long-standing habits. It will allow each and every one of us to take advantage of opportunities while carefully managing risks, as well as the option to trade our tickets depending on our changing needs and circumstances.

These days, when the world is breaking away from the effects of COVID-19 that has dominated our freedom over the last couple of years, The commercial airline industry needs a solution to meet the growing demand for travel, business, and leisure.

TKTZ’s revolutionary application really means that you have complete freedom never seen before – the freedom to enjoy your true ownership of an airline ticket.

The freedom to exchange your ticket based on your needs at any given moment reduces worries about future developments.

TKTZ is now reaching out to those who wish to take part in this new consumer revolution. This isn’t more of the same. This revolution will change consumer habits in commercial aviation.

Join TKTZ’s premium club and get up to 25% off every airline ticket you’ll purchase on the platform, as well as a host of discounts and sales offered to club members.

Change your own future; be part of the revolution in commercial aviation.This is one flight you don’t want to miss – the world belongs to those who see one step ahead.


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