Wirex Token (WXT) surges on partnerships and integrations ahead of WPAY launch



In the past month, WXT token has surged by more than 55%.
At press time, Wirex Token (WXT) was trading at $0.008041.
Investors are looking forward to the WPAY official launch; Wirex opened early access to WPay in January.

Wirex Token (WXT) has experienced a significant surge in value fueled by strategic partnerships, integrations, and anticipation surrounding the imminent launch of WPAY, Wirex’s decentralized payment network.

With a focus on empowering users through self-custody and seamless crypto transactions, Wirex has positioned itself at the forefront of the evolving digital finance landscape.

Wirex expanding utility and reach

Wirex Token (WXT) has emerged as a unique multi-blockchain cryptocurrency, powering Wirex’s X-tras rewards program and seamlessly integrating with the new wave of decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems.

Built on both the Stellar Network and Ethereum blockchain, WXT offers maximum speed, efficiency, and flexibility for users seeking direct control over their assets.

Wirex customers are rewarded with WXT for their loyalty, earning up to 4% back on purchases made using Wirex cards and up to 12% annually on their WXT account balances through the Savings Bonus feature. This incentive structure not only encourages engagement with the Wirex platform but also fosters participation in the growing DeFi landscape.

Anticipation builds with WPAY launch imminent

Wirex opened early access to WPay in January this year, and the Wirex Token price has surged by more than 70% since then.

With the official launch of the WPAY imminent, the excitement is pulpable among early investors and WXT holders.

In a nutshell, WPAY promises to revolutionize the way users interact with cryptocurrencies by offering a decentralized payment network that empowers individuals with self-custody and direct control over their assets.

Utilizing Polygon CDK’s cutting-edge technology and Gateway FM’s IP providing service, WPAY aims to provide a seamless and secure payment experience, accepted by over 50 million merchants in more than 200 countries. With security being a top priority, every transaction made through WPAY is ensured to be smooth and safe, instilling confidence in users as they embrace the future of finance.

Besides the much anticipated WPAY official launch, another factor behind the WXT price surge is the tapping of ZeroFox by Wirex to tackle dark web and money mule accounts. Also, last month, Wirex adopted cutting-edge policy management solution from Corlytics for growth.


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